Interview With a Chartered Accountant Turned Founder of a Business Serving WEB3

In this interview I talked to Harrocop who is a chartered accountant, with a financial background as CPA. While dwelving into web3 space, he realised the potential of applying blockchain to his current business processes. He intuitively teamed up with his geeky neighbour and they both started a business serving web3. Harrocop.eth is also a Lazy Lions NFT holder and member of the iconic Lazy Hat trait group. Read on to get his perspectives.

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The Interview – With Harrocop.eth

Q.1) King, would you like to present yourself – who you are, what is your professional background?

My digital identiy is Harrocop and I have financial background as CPA.

In my role as chartered accountant I conducted audits on financials statements mainly for traditional family owned business.

The type of industry differed from pay-rolling, transport, chemical, real estate and many more industries in size from 12 mln to over 200 mln revenue size. Late since 2022 I also advise (with support from the accounting firm) web3 entrepreneurs with specific legal questions regarding tax, IP-rights or anything else accounting related.

Q.2) I see from your (twitter) profile that you are a chartered accountant, as well as a fullstack dev – that’s a rare & weird combo.

How did you get into both of those roles? And regarding the programming part, what tech are you into?

Since 2017 I am involved in the crypto space mainly for hobby.

In 2021 became more active and tried different trading strategies amongst yield farming and extensive research on projects.

During the NFT hype I realised the potential of applying blockchain to current business processes.

By coincidence I bumped into my neighbour who is a heavy dev sharing the same passion for Web3. We decided to set up a business together providing full stack development solutions web3 oriented.

Als considering the legal background which many entrepreneurs encounter difficulties with, we are an excellent team to consult traditional companies to web3.

Q.3) How/When did you step into the NFT world?

I started by buying XRP back in 2017, made huge gains and lost most of it due to ICO scams and rugs.

When NFTs became hot I made my first purchase in Alpacadabraz back in October 2021.

Q.4) When did you first come across the Lazy Lions?

I met Cryptosheep at an IRL event Metaverse Festival in Amsterdam.

Realising it is a community with many entrepreneurs and great visibility on Twitter, I decided to step down the Lazy Lion rabbit hole!

Q.5) Why choose your identity to be a Lazy Lions NFT instead of others?

The Lazy Hat trait is iconic and very catchy people don’t forget easily.

Being part of trait community (size < 250 people) gives the possibility to get closer relationships and getting to know each other a lot better. Especially compared to bigger sized community (10 K collection) it is tough to get to know everyone.

Also I love the business minded people of the Lazy Lions in which I feel personally attached to.

Q.6) What is the story behind your username?

Harrocop used to be my online gaming name when I was a little kid over 15 years ago. Stepping into the NFT game I thought it suited me well!

Q.7) Is the choice of your username also linked to the persona of your Lazy Lions?

No it is not linked to my lazy lion persona.

The lion is very Iconic with the lazy hat trait and red colours making it very recognisable online!

Q.8) In the NFT space, what does building mean to you? And what are you currently trying to build?

We did various type of projects.

We started our own NFT project, but decided in the end not to launch as market collapsed back in march 2022.

Then we decided to focus on consulting providing twitter and discord tooling, smart contract developments and our latest proposal is about tokenisation of an investment fund.

Building for me means more than just programming and setting up a brand. It is also spreading the awareness of the possibilities what blockchain can bring for a decentralised future. Collectively building, we can make big steps forward in mass adoption!

Q.9) What are the people in the NFT space that have either touched you or you feel are creating an impact?

My number one is cryptopunk OG @brainy6634 considering my personal crypto mentor back in 2021 and I just love what he is doing in Web3!

Also really like what @duckmaster is building in the space with several projects connecting IRL assets with the NFT.

Besides I met @cryptosheep_eth at an event and just like his energy. Making IRL toys gives a new dimension to the NFT game what I really like about what he is building.

To be honest there are many more people who are making an impact.

Q.10) Apart from the Lazy Lions, are there any other NFT projects that you are bullish on?

  • @alpacadabraz
  • @Travala
  • @BullsApesProj

Q.11) When choosing an NFT project to mint or to buy from a marketplace, are there any criteria that you have laid down for yourself before you even consider investing your ETH in it? 

For me its more about collecting, I do not trade a lot of JPEGS. I rather see it as a purchase (consumer) and buying into a membership kind of thing.

Q.12) What advice do you have with when it comes to crypto wallets?

Always use a Burner wallet for minting and cold storage wallet.

Q.13) Do you like to attend twitter Spaces? Any worthwhile mentions?


Best spaces are definitely hosted by @TLeeTrades from the Lazy Hats community! No doubt you will like it!

Q.14) What are your thoughts on Spaces in general – is there anything you feel that Space creators could improve on?

Focus more on utility instead of future promises.

I thing the time of roadmaps is over.

Q.15) Any message you would like to leave for the people in the NFT ecosystem?

Make sure to enjoy the journey and approach new things with an open mind to keep learning from eachother!

Q.16) What mistake(s) have you made till now that we could learn from?

Too many to be honest. To name a few:

  1. Don’t buy to quickly by future promises
  2. Make profits by selling items

Q.17) How do you believe you are making the NFT space special?

With my web3 company I try to make a difference by helping others, consulting and educating new people in the space!

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