Interview With a Chartered Accountant Turned Founder of a Business Serving WEB3

In this interview I talked to Harrocop who is a chartered accountant, with a financial background as CPA. While dwelving into web3 space, he realised the potential of applying blockchain to his current business processes. He intuitively teamed up with his geeky neighbour and they both started a business serving web3. Harrocop.eth is also a Lazy Lions NFT holder and member of the iconic Lazy Hat trait group. Read on to get his perspectives.

Interview With Founder of IHeartDomains – A WEB3 Domain Name Broker

In this interview, I talk to Marcus aka WenAirdrop. He is the Chief Marketing Office (CMO) of MainStreet Finance, as well as the founder of I(Heart)Domains. Marcus mentions his acquaintance with celebrities & professional athletes. He started his NFT journey back in Oct 2021 and is one of those BNB Chain maxi. WenAirdrop explains why he is sporting a PFP from the Lazy Lions NFT project which he believes is one of the premier blue chip NFT communities on the ETH blockchain. You will learn from his insights on the NFT space, from his minting choice, his good moments, his mistakes, his wallet of choice to a series of Q & A on his business, I❤️Domains.

Interview With Defi Hub Founder/CEO of

In this Interview I talk to the founder of MainStreet.Finance, a DeFi hub. Tony narrates how he started his NFT journey, what triggered him to jump into the Lazy Lions NFT community, as well as crypto wallets he uses. You will learn from his mistakes and insights being a professional in the space. Enjoy!