Hey You Who Don’t Follow Back, We Don’t Have Your Back!

On Twitter, you should have observed that when you follow someone, sometimes he/she do not follow back. That’s OK as long as you are not in a TEAM! Here’s why!

If you have been on Twitter for a long while, you should have observed that when you follow someone, he/she most of the time do not follow back.

Either because he/she thinks you are not worthy of their attention, or their account is “too big” to follow the “small ones” with less influence or for some other particular reasons.

Sick mentality you say?

I hear you.
I feel you.

But that’s OK!

Yes that’s OK, they have all the right to do whatever pleases them.

But! Here’s where the main concern is!

Group Chats & Trait Groups in the NFT Space

If you are rallied under a specific group or an NFT trait group, you have buddies. Yes you are all buddies by default! That’s what joining a team means.

The very act of teaming means:- to come together as a team to achieve a common goal or to share a common philosophy. This involves bonding.

Example of an NFT trait group you say?

Well, we over at the Lazy Lions NFT community, we have several trait groups which respectively creates a private inner circle on Twitter via group direct messages (group DMs) or discord – but let’s stick with Twitter for the purpose of this topic.

A trait group rallies together based on what their (NFT) Lions have in common, example:

  • The 3D Kings – they all have the 3d glasses in common.
  • The Black Cap Crew – they all have the black cap in common.
  • The Hornie Lions group – they all have horns.
  • The Lazy Hat group – you guessed it, they all have the iconic Lazy Hat cap in common.

Each of those groups, have a number of people who should be “having the back” of each other, because they are teammates!

Sadly, some of them are passive and even selfish – they are here just for self opportunities, they do not follow back. In one word – they do not care for others.

Now this is concerning.

Unlike what we mentioned at the start of the conversation, this time if that person does not follow back – it is NOT OK.

It’s a big signal that he/she is not a team player.

Do football teams keep a player in the squad if that payer is not having team spirit? Heck no.

I believe unity starts by the very simple gesture of adhering to a 1-1 follow(back).

That simple act, suddenly puts aside all ego, all negativity because you are bonding with that other person.

After all, we should all team up and be there for each other united under the umbrella of our group, aye!

Are You A Team Player?

I invite you do a self reflection on yourself.

What is the purpose of your presence in a team?

If you are not showing you care, do not expect to be cared after – simple formula.

Now go back on Twitter and follow back any of your teammates that you intentionally ignored for so long. Show you care, show some respect, that’s how we will change this NFT ecosystem.

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  1. Long. But quality. IMHO one of the better type of written interview format in this space. No bullshit. No ads. Just content. Good attempt lazy Sir.

    I do not usually take the trouble to leave a comment, but well deserved!