Inspire Your Journey to Success: An Invitation to Reflect on the E + R = O Formula

The Success Formula

Success is a journey that begins with the events we encounter in life and the choices we make in response to those events.

The famous success formula E + R = O states that Events + Response = Outcome and it is a powerful reminder of the role we play in our own success story.

Did You Know!
This success formula was coined by Jack Canfield, an American motivational speaker and author. It was popularized in his book “The Success Principles: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be“.

The formula suggests that the outcome of a situation is determined by the combination of the event itself and the way a person responds to it.

In Jack’s own words:

Every outcome you experience in life is the result of how you have responded to an earlier event in life.

If you want to achieve better outcomes, remember, you control your response!

Jack Canfield

Let’s Take An Example

To understand this formula more deeply, let’s take an example of a student who wants to get good grades.

The event in this case would be an upcoming exam. The response could be to either prepare thoroughly, ignore the exam and take a casual approach or to procrastinate and delay studying. The outcome of this event could either be excellent grades, poor grades, or no grades at all.

As you can see, the outcome is a direct result of the response to the event. A positive and proactive response leads to growth, learning, and ultimately success. Embracing challenges and making the most of every opportunity is key to achieving your goals.

A positive & proactive response → leads to growth, learning & ultimately success.

Apply The Success Formula To Any Area Of Your Life!

The E + R = O formula can be applied to any aspect of life, including career, relationships, and personal development. By taking a closer look at the events that shape our lives and the choices we make in response, we can gain greater control over the outcome and move closer to the success we desire.

Inspired By People Like Yourself

This short daily was inspired by a Tweet from my friend Len Koury (@LenKoury) who strongly believes in this approach and who tries to create an awareness of it regular on his twitter timeline.

@LenKoury said:

Understand you can’t control the events of the world. You can control what think about them.
It’s not just the world events… It’s other people, the media, the circumstances of our life, the daily outcomes.
All you can control is what you choose to think and believe!

I’ve shared this often recently to focus on what you can control.
There is only one thing you can control.
Not the choices of people, not matters of state, not the traffic, not the weather.


  • We control the R (Response)
  • The E (Events), we cannot control
  • If R is controlled. Then, O (Outcome) results in a favourable deviation.

Success starts with events, but it is determined by our response to them. A positive and proactive response leads to growth, learning and ultimately success. Embrace challenges and make the most of every opportunity.

The E + R = O success formula is a valuable tool to help you reflect on your own journey to success.

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